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Minimalist + color is restraint and also temptation.

2018-11-23    Hometex Team

The first impression of the minimalist is undoubtedly simple and pure, cold and quiet, and even otherworldly with unapproachable beauty.

It is mostly based on the classic black, white and grey, abandoning the excess, replacing complexity with simplicity. A large area of white space and a few sophisticated lines can outline a quiet and ethereal artistic conception, giving people unlimited imagination.

All the time, the minimalist style has always been labeled as sexually apathy. Yet its artistic atmosphere is very rich. Underneath the simple appearance, there is a very exquisite and delicate soul.

When colorful and gorgeous colors are injected into the minimalist space, the entire monotonous picture instantly has a visual focus.

Such a minimalist design is neat and tidy, with a clear distinction between the primary and the secondary, but invisibly highlights the power of high class. It not only makes the space a little more elegant and stylish, but also brings great vitality and artistic appeal.


Minimalist + bright color is the finishing touch

Minimalist style is a quite high-class beauty. It pays attention to the design rule of less is more. In color matching, more neutral colors or some low-saturation colors are used to pursue the harmony between colors.

It is sensually simple and neat, but extremely elegant from the perspective of taste and thought. When you subtly blend bright colors into the minimalist space, you can definitely catch the eyes of people.

Minimalist is not only neat and agile. It can make the entirety look high-class and elegant, or interpret the ultimate sexy appeal by virtue of bright and colorful furniture or accessories.


Minimalist is restraint and also temptation

The minimalist style is simple and casual, mild and soft. Although it is full of clam and restraint atmosphere in nature, it can also produce a strong visual impact once it collides with bright and flamboyant colors.

In order to avoid visual monotony, many designers will inject other colors into the minimalist space to harmonize, giving the space more color countenances, presenting a minimalist but not simple fashion style.

Minimalist mostly expresses a deep meaning of Zen. Its abstinence temperament is deeply fascinating, but it is also a kind of temptation. It is a kind of poison. Once one likes it, he cannot help loving it.


Minimalist, a happy encounter between life and art

Extremely simple is extremely elegant. The reason why minimalism can touch people's hearts is not only because of its simplicity, purity, elegance and quietness, but also because of the encounter between life and art.

The minimalist design combined with vibrant colors can emphasize the level changes of the three-dimensional space and convey the exquisite and high-class spatial aesthetics.

Matched and coordinated by diversified materials and sophisticated lines, it can portray the beauty of art in a plain life.


Minimalist can also have new fun

Minimalism can be all-encompassing, instantly breaking quietness of the monotonous space with strong color and creating a vital, enthusiastic and dramatic effect.

This design style is full of magical imagination and is the perfect display of the owner's personality and taste. It intends to make the minimalist tone and various color elements restrain each other, neutralize each other, and collide with each other to create a flexible and rakish fun, too beautiful to refuse.

Minimalism is not only an aesthetic principle of less is more but also a simplified lifestyle advocated by modern people.

It does not have set rules for color used in space. It allows using low saturation color to maintain the pure base color, and it allows to be appropriately interspersed with bouncing colors to highlight the spatial level and texture. The sense of high class is innate. Underneath the colorful appearance hides the deeper desires.

That is to let the design return to the living itself to pursue the most original and purest nature of life.

Figure source: Architecture E Interior Design Network (ID: jesheji)

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