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It is the era of salt-like style, not the sexless style!

2018-10-26    Hometex Team
Nowadays, in all the home decoration styles,

The Nordic style has become the well-deservedly popular trend.

It is simple and practical, fresh and natural.
It has abandoned a lot of cumbersome decorations,
Striving to return the life to a comfortable and pure realm,
Therefore, it is particularly suitable for the young people's longing for simple life.

The Nordic style advocates an attitude of returning to nature,
Both in color usage and material matching,
All adhere to the principle of natural decoration.
Every detail is considered carefully,
Becoming simple, but not brief,
To show the rustic beauty of freshness and refinement.

However, with the prevailing Nordic style,
Many people have begun to copy the popular products among some of common brands
At their own houses,
This kind of practice saves time and effort,
And also maximize the house decoration effect.

But with more copy elements,
Your house may gradually lose its style.

It is known that the house of everyone,
Reflecting the level of life and the taste of personality.

We do not advocate blindly pursuing a life of "clean break".

This is because everyone's home has a unique atmosphere, and every item selected is a figurative interpretation of your style and traits.

Keeping your favorite items and respecting your thoughts to use the most common attitude in creating your own style, this is the best way to express your personality.

Therefore, following the popular Nordic style, another decorative style called salt-like style comes into being.

What is the salt-like style?

It comes from the positioning of a Japanese girl TNK for her favorite male temperament.

In her opinion, a salt-like boy, such as Sakaguchi Kentarou, is slim with delicate and pretty appearance, fresh temperament and warm smiles, presenting the particularly comfortable and warm feeling.

So it is in the home style.

The house in salt-like style also needs to abandon the rich and colorful decoration, just like a glass of water with a touch of salty taste, to create a feeling that is fresh yet not greasy that is focusing on the daily life and is loyal to the life itself.

In the simple and natural spatial tone, we can choose a neutral color or some low-saturation tones in the versatile decorations, with clean lines for refinement.

Compared with the sexless style, its space temperament is more intense and fuller, with the refreshing and handsome characteristics, adding the usual taste in the life.

Room of TNK


The salt-like style is oriented on the color matching of classic black and white grey and wood color. Without bright colors or excessive decoration, the whole room is added with more coolness through its own shiny metal elements.


The room has the outstanding sense of line, without the complex texture and high-saturation color, to show the full life style in the cold appearance.


In the choice of decoration, it is common to combine the glass chandeliers, metal ornaments or wrought iron with lines in the same space.

Of course, the space can be decorated with green plants, carpets and other chic little furnishings in order to add more life style, making the plain life more attractive!

The salt-like style is simple but not fancy, which is more in line with our true pursuit of life.

It is not like the pure Nordic or Japanese style full of rich cold taste. Instead, these iconic elements are simplified, and the overall style is biased towards neutrality, with a hint of unobtrusive texture.

Like a salt-like boy with single eyelid, thin lips and prominent throat, it is not amazing at first sight, but its simple and intimate personality will be attractive after a long time, which is very impressive.

How to build your own home in salt-like style?

Large white walls + light-colored floors are very typical salt-like elements, which will also determine the style of the entire space.

A clean and simple appearance is kept without excessive decorations on the walls, with main functions of storage and display.

Then the functional furniture with simple shape should be chosen to show the texture and beauty of the material itself.

The curtains in light colors can subtly weaken their sense of presence. The decorative paintings are not eye-catching, allowing the design to maximize the life itself.

The materials used in the room can be diversified, with the metal, wood, glass and cement as the medium to maintain the uniformity of style and also subtly render the sense of depth in the space.

Among them, metal and glass chandeliers are indispensable, creating the more intense atmosphere of industry in the room, and adding a hint of tough and cool taste.

If you don't like a simple fabric sofa, you may use a leather sofa to create a space highlight, because it has a hint of time to eliminate the simplicity of the entire space, but add more nostalgic and heavy senses.

The decoration is also mainly simple and well-stocked. In fact, it is a test of your matching skills to arrange everything in a comfortable and stylish manner.

In short, the salt-like style focuses on creating a light and comfortable living environment.

It's simple and tasteful, cool and warm. You don't deliberately decorate, just keep the life simple and close to its original purest look, so that you can interpret your own fashion attitude.

Picture Source: Pineapple Zebra Residence Guide

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