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Enjoying the pretty pictures for home furnishing, experiencing a different space created by six popular colors

2018-10-31    Hometex Team

Color seems to be the everlasting hot topic, which plays a role in affecting a person's sensory emotions, and also shows your personality and taste. Will you expect to stand at the forefront of the fashion trend and beforehand know the most popular colors for home furnishing next year? There will be always an attraction for you in this home furnishing color trend of 2019!

 Chinese Red 

Only China Red can be well-deservedly called as the most traditional Chinese color. As the favorite color of the Chinese nation, it gives a high-level summary of the history for the descendants of the dragon.

This is a beautifully remarkable color full of exuberance and vitality, with an unforgettable magic. In the sense, it symbolizes the auspicious celebration for new arrivals, with the beautiful meaning and embarrassment just like the sunshine after rain or the sunrise in the east.

There is a popular saying that "it must be Chinese Red if the miracle has color!" It can be seen that the status of red in the minds of Chinese people has long gone beyond the basic concept of color, but has become a spiritual totem. It has been deeply embedded in the soul of the Chinese people after the inheritance, sedimentation, deepening and promotion for generations.

In the home furnishing, the Chinese red can be displayed in a large scale, to incisively and vividly show the noble and gorgeous style; or can be used for partial embellishment, to firmly attract the visual focus of the viewers, bringing a strong color impact.


In the new Chinese-style color matching system, the most honorable Emperor Yellow is a color equivalent to the luxurious charm of Chinese Red.

The Emperor Yellow is also the color that had come down by our ancestors through the years. This is the noble and magnificent, which can be seen in the Beijing Forbidden City with rich history and the European palace full of luxury.

The Emperor Yellow, as the traditional color for thousands of years in China, has an extraordinary special significance.

In the ancient times, the Emperor Yellow was regarded as a noble color to show the unparalleled luxury and authority. Nowadays, the Emperor Yellow is not the color representing the power, but shows a diversity of personality in modern homes (especially new Chinese homes).

It can be combined with high-saturation royal colors and classical furniture to re-write the splendid oriental charm; it can also be perfectly matched with neutral colors and pastoral styles to show a fashionable and modern style.

It is believed that the Emperor Yellow will give the ingenious rendering in the simple design to condense the romantic atmosphere and become extraordinarily fascinating.


The green is the most vital color among all the colors. It has an innate freshness and nature, and also duplicates the vintage style in elegance at the same time.

The emerald is known as the king of green gems. As a color, it is fascinating and attractive. The green has a yellowish color, often with a slight blue tint, just like the forest secrets that are found unexpectedly across the mountains and lakes. It constantly conveys the vitality and brings the pleasing visual enjoyment.

The green that is added with a touch of gray can also exude a low-key beauty.

It is generally called gray green, just like the misty rain that is dimly discernible and also like the Chinese ink painting that is poetic and immortal. With the low-key style, it presents a mysterious and elegant visual feast that seems to wander in the virgin forest, allowing the home furnishing to present another artistic conception.

The green is a symbol for the recovery of all things and the vitality of life. The different greens give the various looks and feels, but it always keeps the intoxicating temperament. Fresh or classical, simple or noble, ever-changing greens bring the visual effect that is amazing.

If you are also enamored with this max color with healing power, you may wish to choose the ideal color to create your dream home.


The elegant and mysterious Peacock Blue always gives a very cold feeling, which interprets the depth of the ocean and the magnificence of the sky. It looks extremely arrogant just like the most dazzling star in the vast universe.

However, the Peacock Blue with cool color in the home is softened with a lot of white and wood colors, presenting the more elegant taste in its noble charm, which is strongly artistic.

The Peacock Blue, like an elf falling into the mortal world, has a glamorous, noble and elegant temperament that is unapproachable. Both in Chinese home furnishing with oriental charm or in the modern living room with bright colors, this color exudes a unique charm, which makes the whole space stand out for its extraordinary temperament.


The pink is always associated with words such as romance, softness and sweetness. It is the most feminine color, and it also carries some kind of playful and pure girl feelings.

Every girl has a pink dream. The feminine and romantic atmosphere presented by the home decoration with the dreamy pink will surely attract the people to indulge and linger.

After seeing the sexless Nordic style, you may also be attracted by the sweet pink, which has a gentle and intellectual style, and also a lively and enthusiastic charm.

You may create a pink space with a princess style between dreams and reality, to show the love in the tenderness, and enjoy he happiness in the beautiful picture at any time.


Compared to the above colors, the brown is rarely used in the home design, because this color with the characteristics of natural calmness that gives a very solid feeling may be possibly appearing to be dim and lack of anger when it is not well controlled.

In fact, in the modern home, the high-end texture can be also interpreted to bring a refreshing decorative effect by the artful use of the brown wall, furniture or fabric, with the combination of low luxury and elegant temperament.

The brown is warm and rustic, with a very rich earthy atmosphere. The clam color may remind us of the scenario of the autumn as well as the memory of photos and stories of the years. The elegance hidden in its calm appearance is really irresistible.

The trend is fleeting. Only by keenly capturing and using it can your home shine with a different brilliance. Will you have the favorite color in the color trend that is shared today?

Picture source: Tuozhe Design Club

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